This privacy policy and cookies document outline the procedures for handling personal data and the use of cookies and other technologies on the website

  1. Definitions for the privacy policy
    Administrator – the owner of the zyj-zdrowo.euwebsite,
    Website – the online service available at,
    User – any entity, user utilizing the Website.
  2. Cookies
    The Administrator uses cookies, small text information stored on the User’s end device (e.g., computer, tablet, smartphone). Cookies can be read by the Administrator’s IT system.
    The Administrator stores cookies on the User’s end device and then accesses the information contained in them for statistical purposes, marketing (remarketing), and to ensure the proper functioning of the Website.
    The User is hereby informed that it is possible to configure the web browser to prevent the storage of cookies on the User’s end device. In such a situation, using the Website may be difficult for the User.
    The Administrator indicates that the User can delete cookies after they have been saved by the Administrator, using the appropriate functions of the web browser, tools designed for this purpose, or by using the relevant tools available within the User’s operating system.

How can you manage your „cookies” files?
To manage cookie settings, select your internet browser from the list below and follow the instructions:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Opera
    Mobile devices:
  • Android
  • Safari
  • Windows Phone
  • Blackberry

How do „cookies” tailor our website to user needs?
Cookies help customize the content of the website to meet user expectations. Analytical cookies are used to assess statistics on website visits. They allow us to evaluate user preferences and ratings, as well as improve the website for users.

Authentication cookies, among other things, enable easy login, form completion, and remembering the settings of websites chosen by the user.

  1. Other Technologies
    The Administrator informs that the following tracking technologies are used to track user actions and customize displayed ads on the Website:
  • Facebook conversion pixel – used for managing ads on Facebook and conducting remarketing activities. Learn about this company’s policies:
  • Google Analytics tracking code – this website uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google Inc. Google Analytics uses „cookies,” which are text files stored on your computer that allow an analysis of how you use the service. Information generated by cookie use about your use of the website, including your IP address („usage data”), is usually transmitted to and stored by Google on servers in the United States. Learn about this company’s policies:
  • Google Adsense advertising code – may use technologies such as cookies or web beacons, which, when displaying their ads on our site, will send advertisers information containing your IP address, Internet provider, type of browser you use, and in some cases, information about the installation of Flash. This is generally used to display ads to users in their area (for example, ads for stores in Warsaw are served to a user in the capital) or to select ads based on the pages they have previously visited. Learn about this company’s policies:
  1. Social Network
  • Facebook – the website includes „Like” and „Share” buttons linked to Facebook. For this purpose, code referring to the Facebook service is placed. By using these buttons, the user logs into the Facebook service, where the privacy policy of Facebook applies. Learn about this company’s policies:
  • Youtube – the website includes embedded video clips shared from YouTube. For this purpose, code referring to the YouTube service is placed. YouTube tracks the playback of video clips, and this tracking is done in accordance with data protection rules. Learn about this company’s policies:
  • Twitter – the website includes buttons for posting tweets, which are linked to this service. For this purpose, code referring to the Twitter service is placed. By sharing a tweet, the user logs into the Twitter service, where the privacy policy of Twitter applies. Learn about this company’s policies:
  • Pinterest – the website includes buttons for adding posts on Pinterest, linked to this service. For this purpose, code referring to the Pinterest service is placed. By sharing an image, the user logs into the Pinterest service, where the privacy policy of Pinterest applies. Learn about this company’s policies:
  • Instagram – the website includes code referring to the Instagram service. By clicking the hyperlink, the user is redirected to the Instagram page, where the privacy policy of Instagram applies. Learn about this company’s policies:
  1. Other Technologies
    We use Local Storage Object (LSO) technology, which operates similarly to cookies but has slightly different properties.

LSO is a dedicated part of the browser memory used to store data saved by services. Access to it can only be obtained by the website operating in the same domain from which the data was saved. However, unlike cookies, they are not sent by the browser each time it refers to the server. Data in Local Storage Object is stored by the browser for a long time and is not deleted after closing the browser or has a specified expiration time.

  1. Server Logs
    This data is used solely for administering the service and ensuring the most efficient operation of the hosting services provided.
    The viewed resources are identified by URL addresses. Additionally, the following may be subject to recording:
  • Information about the user’s browser,
  • Information about the IP address,
  • The time of sending the inquiry and receiving the response,
  • Information about errors that occurred while loading the website,
  • The URL address of the last page visited by the user (referer link) – in case the transition to the Service was made through a link,
  • The network name of the computer (host),
  • Data about your Internet service provider.
    The above data is not associated with specific individuals browsing the pages.
  1. Copyright
    Most posts on our website, including texts, photos, images, and videos, have been found on the Internet. We always try to find the creator of the content and inform who the author of the image or video is, respecting their rights and sharing their work with others.

If you believe that the added content violates any law (including copyright), please send us information about it. The owner of the website is not the producer of the content found on the website; they are only its distributor.

  1. Storage of Personal Data
    There is no possibility to register as a user on the website, so personal data such as name, surname, address, email address, and phone number are not provided by visitors and, therefore, not stored by the administrator.

If you have any questions regarding the above privacy policy, contact us: contact

  1. Important Information
    The website serves only an educational and informational purpose and is not intended as a guide. All information posted on our portal does not replace and cannot replace an individual visit and consultation with a veterinarian. All information on is for informational purposes only, and its application in practice should be consulted with a veterinarian specialist every time.